Brisbane holistic personal trainer, sports dietitian & nutritionist

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Hello everyone and welcome to MSB: Your Diet Revolution! 

My name is Melissah-Su Bruce and I have been working as an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist in private practice for the last five years. MSB: Your Diet Revolution was born one evening while I was enjoying a home-cooked meal with my parents. As we were discussing my options upon returning back to Brisbane from Cairns it dawned upon us that the initials for my name were a fantastic acronym for everything I believe in - M y, S elf,    B elief. It is so important when embarking on any journey related to health, fitness, mental wellbeing etc that you empower your inner strength and your inner belief in yourself. This is where true success really comes from. 

My passion for anything nutrition-related really stemmed from my own laughter and tears surrounding health, food and fitness. We all have a journey, a story that makes us who we are. I feel that my personal journey with health has been one of triumph and one of dispair but it has given me the tools to be able to relate to every one of you that I see as a client.  Life is to be enjoyed! It really does have an amazing way of bringing positive things to fruition when you only aim to see the optimism inside every challenge. When you think there is no light to your darkness just remember that tomorrow is another day and the light will come bursting through just like the sun rises every morning! 

I hope that in one way or another I can make a difference in your life and give you the chance to see that you can have an amazing relationship with food, reach your goals, manage your health and have a positive outlook on life! 


MSB xx